Alumni Survey Results

photo of graduates at commencementRecently the College conducted a survey of our alumni. Respondents were very positive about their liberal arts education at Wright State:

  • 86% thought their liberal arts education enhanced their problem solving skills
  • 90% said their liberal arts education enabled them to communicate effectively in multiple ways
  • 80% affirmed that their liberal arts education taught them to do advanced research and evaluate sources
  • 84% believed their liberal arts education gave them an increased understanding of other places, people and cultures
  • 85% agreed that their liberal arts education gave them the tools to learn new things and respond to change

Comments were equally positive. Here are some:

“Four years of problem solving in various disciplines was extremely useful.”  Fine Arts major

“I discovered that I could think in various perspectives rather than memorizing as a robot and spitting out what was expected.”  Sociology major

“I learned about multiple communication techniques I still find valuable today.” International Studies major

“Having a strong background in both written and oral communications created many of the business opportunities I have enjoyed.”  Communication major

“Performance skills from music are applicable to any performance situation.”  Music major

“Understanding of diverse perspectives enables a person to be more empathetic and therefore a better communicator.”  Communication major

“I came out of Wright State fully able to express myself both verbally and in writing.”  History major

“I have always had strong communication skills, but now I have the ability to use those skills more effectively.”  Theatre major

“Research was always stressed, and the emergence of the computer made research faster, but my training enabled me to organize and analyze the findings well and quickly.”  English major

“I was able to evaluate resources and I’m able to discern what is a reputable source vs. opinion.”  Liberal Studies major

“My liberal arts education is the basis of may management success and promotions over the years.  It has allowed me to grow and live in places I could only dream of when I was young.”  Communication major

“I can have advanced conversations about religion, politics, history in other countries, philosophy, all types of issues.”  “Liberal Studies major

“The students from other countries and backgrounds and required classes helped to broaden my thoughts and my mind.”  Religion major

Understanding leads to respect which leads to friends.”  Liberal Studies major

“I remember many classes…opening my mind with life changing ideas.”  Art major

“My own viewpoints were challenged by new ideas, and yet, I was allowed to express my views in creative response as well.”  Philosophy major