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African African American Studies (AAFS) is an innovative multidisciplinary program in the College of Liberal Arts at Wright State University offering both a major and minor, in addition to related certificates. 

New Fall Courses

New Fall Courses

The African and African American Studies program is offering two new classes this fall that combine History and Women's Studies with African Studies.


The African Diaspora (AFS 4040) will explore the historical mass migration of African people out of Africa, while African Women's History (AFS 4990) will introduce students to the lives of women in Africa from antiquity to the modern era.

African & African American Studies News

Mayor Whaley

When she was 11, Nan Whaley shared a paper route with her 9-year-old brother, David, in her family’s Indianapolis suburban neighborhood. While her brother worked to save money to buy video games, Whaley would get excited about the newspaper delivery process …

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English Expression

The first students came from Chile. They were planning to apply for Wright State’s MBA program, but first needed to master English. So in 1995, the university launched the LEAP Intensive English Program. Founded by associate English professor Chris Hall …

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