College Requirements

photo of a student using a laptopStudents can be admitted into the College of Liberal Arts after completing ENG 1100 or ENG 1105 with a grade of C or better and at least two other courses in the Wright State Core taught by the College while maintaining a GPA of 2.0 or above. Some majors have higher GPA requirements, and some require auditions or other additional admission requirements. Check with your intended major or contact your advisor to be sure.

In addition to completing the program of study for a specific major and university requirements such as the Wright State Core, residency, and Integrated Writing, College of Liberal Arts B.A. students must complete the Foreign Language and Research Methods requirement. This consists of a foreign language through the 2020 level and two methods of inquiry courses, one in research methods and one in critical thinking.

Students may demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language at the 2020 level either by satisfactorily completing course work or by taking an examination. For proficiency exams in French, German, and Spanish, consult the Department of Modern Languages. For proficiency exams in Greek or Latin, consult the Department of Classics. Other languages are acceptable, subject to approval by the Liberal Arts advising office.

Students who are continuing a language that they began studying elsewhere need to be placed at the appropriate level. For placement in French, German, and Spanish, contact the Department of Modern Languages. For placement in Greek and Latin, contact the Department of Classics.

For the Research Methods courses from which you may choose, go to the requirements for your specific major or consult your DARS report on line.